Endorfin Foods : Turkish Coffee

Endorfin Foods

Turkish Coffee

Dark Coconut Mylk Chocolate with Coffee and Cardamon

 Cacao, Coconut Sugar, Coconut, Coffee Beans



First thing first, I love the packaging on this chocolate. That was actually the reason I grabbed this bar. There were a number of other flavors on display, all of them pretty unique sounding. This one seemed safe enough to start with, though. After trying this one I’ll probably sample the others!


Just look at that lettering! I love it.

As soon as I opened this packaging, I was hit with a super strong smell of cardamom and coconut. But mostly the cardamom. The chocolate is called Turkish Coffee but no coffee smell came through.

The bar itself is pretty, not the shiniest chocolate I’ve ever seen but not dull either. More of a clear matte finish. The break apart design was interesting. The chocolate didn’t seem to want to break apart along the lines though. In fact mine was broken, not along the break lines when I opened it. Weird.

First bite. Cardamom. It doesn’t just smell like cardamon it tastes very much like it too. There is a hint of coffee behind all the cardamon too. It reminds me a lot of a yellow curry. Sweet and Savory. I actually really liked it once I got over my initial surprise of Cardamom.

The chocolate flavor is a bit hard to detect around the spices, but it’s there an it’s good. It’s smooth melting and not grainy. It’s not the darkest chocolate, but I don’t think the chocolate flavor is what really shines here though. Like Curry, this chocolate takes a unique blend of flavors and combines them together in a really fabulous way.


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