Artisana Organics Venuzuelan Chocolate Cacao Criolle

Artisana Organics Venuzuelan Chocolate Cacao Criolle

Dark 75%

Organic Cocoa Mass, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Vanilla

1.8 oz

The makers of this bar think a lot about thier chocolate. The inside jacket of the wrapper let you know that “when you choose Criollo, you’re experiencing the world’s most tasty, aromatic cacao.” So, right off the bat this bar is claiming a whooooole lot about itself. “It’s so distinctive, it may change how you taste chocolate forever.” Let’s see about that.

I’m on the edge about the packaging of this chocolate. For me that’s the thing thats going to get me to pick up the chocolate in the first place. It seems almost a little too generic for me. It reminds me of the packaging you’d see on a “Fancy” store brand chocolate. There’s a little logo for the company, but it’s too small to really get a good idea of what’s going on at a glance(I think it’s a couple people pouring something).

I guess my big problem is just that there isn’t anything that distinguishes this bar from some of the other bars that I’ve glanced at. “Artisana Organics” is just a little too generic sounding for me.


I did pick up the bar and I’m glad I did.

The chocolate bar is very thin, and exceptionally light. It’s almost peculiar actually, how light it is. A bar of chocolate isn’t the heaviest thing in the world, but this one just caught me off guard with how paper weight it felt.

Opening up the package it’s a very light smelling chocolate. There’s a fruity hint to it as well that is nice as well. It’s 75% but it doesn’t smell like a dark chocolate at all to me. It doesn’t have the deep slightly bitter smell that immediately clue you into how high the percent is.

It’s neither a fast or slow melting chocolate on the tongue. Once you taste it though, the dark chocolate taste starts to come through, along with more fruity tones. Possibly even a hint of coffee, though I’m not totally sure about that. It is an incredible smooth chocolate. I didn’t feel any graininess in the bar I had at all and the bottom of the bar was almost completely smooth and mark free.

Overall it’s a nice bar. It’s just passed boring with its hints of fruit and bitter dark chocolate flavor, and light enough to not get weary of the flavor. I don’t know if it’s the best chocolate I’ve ever had, and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t changed how I’ve tasted chocolate forever. Another section of the wrapper(this things got writting on every surface) says that it’s “Bright (and) complex). I think that’s a good description. Not world changing but a good description of the bar. I’ll probably take a look at some of the other bars from Artisana Organics and see if any of those ones change how I taste chocolate forever.


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