Dick Taylor : Fleur de Sel

Dick Taylor

Fleur de Sel

70% Guatemala Cacao

Cacao, Cane sugar, Fleur de Sel


I’m not going to lie in the slightest. I was so excited to finally buy a Dick Taylors chocolate bar. I remember them popping up a few years ago at some of the smaller grocery stores in the area. They were completely a luxury item in my mind when I first saw them. After all, the did have about an 8 dollar price tag on them. I was happy to grab my Crunch bar and wonder what kind of person spent 8 dollars on a single bar of chocolate.

Well as of lately, that person would be me.

I love the packaging for this chocolate bar. The paper is a thick card stock with a great texture. You can actually see the weave of the fibers that make up the paper which I think is gorgeous. The printed logo is lovely as well. Opening the packaging feels like you’re receiving a letter from royalty, except there’s chocolate inside.


Apologize for the washed out picture. I didn’t realize when I snapped it how off it was.

As well as the packaging the bar itself is stunning. Each bar shares the same detailed unique design.

And honestly, I wasn’t an immediate fan. The chocolate doesn’t have break away lines. So there’s no way to just break off a single perfect sized piece.

After a tour through the Dick Taylor factory though, I have revised my opinion of the lack of break away lines. Having slightly uneven pieces doesn’t effect the chocolate in the slightest.


The chocolate  has a very floral smell. Very sweet and bright smelling. Personally, I thought it had almost a citrusy taste, but my co-tester was adamant that it was floral. So you’ll have to decide for yourself on this one.

The chocolate is engrained with tiny flecks of Fleur de Sel which send little bursts of flavor dancing along the tongue. It’s delightful.

Texture wise, it’s some of the smoothest chocolate I’ve ever had. It melts perfectly, enrobing the entire mouth in a decadent chocolate flavor. There is absolutely no grittiness at all.


I really enjoyed this bar. I’m very excited to taste all of the flavors that Dick Taylors has to offer.I’ve already purchased one of their other bars and gone on a tour of the factory as of writing this!


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