Signature Select Dark Chocolate

Signature Select

Dark Chocolate

85% Cacao

Chocolate Liquor, Cocoa Butter, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavor


I was surprised to find a chocolate bar that was milk free at Safeway. They had a selection of the inexpensive fancy chocolate bars Godiva, Ghiradelli, and a couple others. Some of them sounded nice, but all of them had some kind of milk or lactose in them so they were no good for me.

Except this Signature Select bar! This would be the Safeway brand chocolate bar. It was on sale for about 2$ so I really wasn’t expecting too much when I picked it up. It has typical safeway style packaging. Nothing too distinct beyond the little signature select logo at the top and a kind of shapes swirled all over the packaging.

The decription is pretty much: 85% cacao. It’s super dark, so if you like that kind of thing, you’ll like this bar.

And opening the bar, yeah, it’s got a super strong chocolate aroma coming off of it. Much nicer and bolder than I anticipated from a store brand generic chocolate bar. Unfortunately that’s pretty much where this bar stopped exceeding my expectations.

There is almost no flavor. I broke a piece off and let it melt. It took foreverrrrr. I was starting to wonder if it was even going to melt or not.

The flavors that came through were mostly, bitter, and completely borning chocolate. Just flat and bland. I was bummed. It smelled so strong after all. I’m assuming that the high melting point is interfering with the ability to taste any kind of sublties that the chocolate might have.

Overall this chocolate was a bust. It has a modest price, but even then I would reather splurge an extra dollar or two for a better chocolate experience. Maybe I’ll throw the rest of the bar into something for cooking but I’m not going to be reaching for eating it any time soon.


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