Dagoba : Lavender Blueberry

Dagoba Organic Chocolate

Lavender Blueberry

dark Chocolate, lavender essence & wild blueberries



This chocolate was a total impulse buy for me. It sounded strange and different and I just decided to go for it. Then it sat around my chocolate pile while I worked up the nerve to actually try it.

I finally went for it.

The packaging is pretty striating forward. Likght lavender colored to reflect the lavender flavor chocolate it contains. Dagoba is a decent enough image that I can identify it just at a glance. (Also it reminds me of Star Wars ever time I see a bar so that’s fun).


First smell of the chocolate and oh boy. Yep there’s the lavender. fragrant and floral like a sprig of flowers. There is a hint of chocolate coming through as well. I can barely smell blueberry, and I probably wouldn’t be able to identify it if I didn’t know it was in there.


First bite. Total overwhelming lavender taste. I kind of sat there for a second while it got stronger and stronger. Then I spat it out. I might as well have just chomped down on a lavender bush. Earthy and floral and lavender.

I washed my mouth out with black coffee to get the taste out as quick as I could.

Then I waited a while before going back and trying again. The chocolate is broken up into these bars and I had broken one of those bars in half and popped it in my mouth and started to let it melt the first taste, because that’s what I do whenever I taste chocolate for the first time.

This chocolate is just too strong  to do that though.

For the next taste and took just a tiny nibble of chocolate. Just scrapped my teeth along a corner.

It melted fast, being so small and it was smooth, not grainy.

And still overwhelming tasting of lavender.

I find it awful.


Maybe if you really like how lavender tastes this is the chocolate for you. I on the other hand, have no clue what I’m going to do with the rest of this bar, because even if I’m not a fan, it still pains me to throw away chocolate.



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