Tony’s Chocolonely: Pecan Coconut

Tony’s Chocolonely

Pecan Coconut


Cocoa Mass, sugar, Cocoa Butter, Pecan, coconut, soy lecithin



Oh boy do I have a lot to say about this chocolate bar.

Let’s start off with how the bar looks. It’s a crazy teal color with dark blue font and bold whimsical lettering. Not to mention it’s huge. 6 oz. 2 to 3 times the size of most of the other chocolate bars that I’ve tried. Amazingly enough it didn’t come with a price tag that’s 2 to 3 times the size. I paid between $5-$6 dollars for this bar. For price comparison, the Dick Taylor Fluer de Sel bar was around $8 for 2 oz. Though, besides price per ounce, comparing those two bars is like comparing apples and oranges. They’re both fruit but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

20160915_195020After you open up the fun label, the bar is covered with gold foil. It felt a bit like opening up a Wonka Bar and finding the golden ticket.

20160915_1952501.jpgThe Bar is crazy looking. It’s broken up into totally odd, unsymmetrically and uneven pieces. I loved it. The only thing that I didn’t like about how the bar looked, was that you can see that the chocolate didn’t settle in the mold completely and there were air bubbles stuck under the chocolate. It messed with some of the lettering on the Tony’s logo part of the chocolate and made it look less clean. I would assume that could be fixed by settling out the air bubbles a little more thoroughly before the chocolate cools.


Moving onto how the bar tastes….

It’s amazing. The chocolate is light and sweet. Very much like a name brand chocolate bar, but without the waxy kind of gross feeling and taste you get when you eat a Hershey Bar. There’s no chalk or wax texture at all. Just smooth, melty chocolate. It was like eating a candy bar from my childhood that actually tastes good now that I’m an adult. Flavor wise, it was hard to pick up on any interesting or unique flavors that the chocolate itself had, because of the strong flavor of the add ins. It was like eating a candy bar from my childhood that actually tastes good now that I’m an adult.

Because it’s not just chocolate. This is a pecan coconut Chocolate bar. There’s little bits of nuts and coconut spread throughout the bar. It makes for an interesting eating experience. Something about the smooth chocolate, and the little firm bits of add in was a really great combination. I really like coconut texture, a kind of crisp almost crunchy texture, and that came through very well in the bar. I enjoyed getting little bits of coconut in every bite.

The pecan’s were good too, though if it were up to me, I would vote for more nuts. I really like nuts. Besides a Crunch Bar, my other favorite chocolate bar was a Mr. Goodbar, and getting those huge chunks of peanuts in each bite was the best. The pecans in this Tony’s bar were a little scarcer and a little smaller than I liked. But it didn’t effect the bar in a negative way. It was still tasty.


So what’s the verdict? If you couldn’t tell, I loved this chocolate bar. I’ll definitely be grabbing one again in the future. Tony’s Chocolonely has a few other bars in their line, most of which are lactose-free friendly.

The texture and the flavors just go really well together, and I found myself munching on it at work in the afternoon after lunch, indulging my sweet tooth perfectly.

Not to mention, if you take a look at Tony’s website, I feel a lot better about supporting this company than I do many others. They have a awesome mission for Fair Trade, and if that’s the kind of thing you like to see with your chocolate, then this is a good brade to take a look at.

So if you want a chocolate bar that’s well made, tastes good and maybe reminds you of your childhood, I definitely recommend grabbing one of these if you see them.


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