Coco Polo : 70% Dark Chocolate

Cocoa Polo

70% Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Liquor, Erythritol, Inulin(Chicory Extract), Cocoa Butter, Soy Cecithin, Vanilla, Reb A Stevia Extract)



Yesterday I looked at a bar that I really liked, Cocoa Parlor’s Hazelnut and Salt Bar. Today I’m looking at a bar that I didn’t like nearly as much, unfortunately. Don’t worry though I’ll explain why, and maybe you can pick up a bar and decide for yourself.

First of all, unrelated to the chocolate or anything else really. I have no clue how this company pronounces their name. I’m pretty sure it’s “Polo” as in Marco Polo but for some reason, that just doesn’t look or sound right. So, personal pet peeve, but there it is.

The packaging on this bar is pretty simple. I’m not a huge fan of the logo, mostly because it doesn’t stand out very well on it’s own, likely due to how slim and simple the letters are. There’s some little swirlies in the logo but they don’t seem to be adding much in my opinion.


One of the main reasons that I can see someone picking up this bar as opposed to another bar, is that it’s got a big “Sugar free” tag right on the front of the bar, more obvious than the logo. That’s this bar’s big selling point. Instead of sugar it has a mix of Erythritol and Reb A. I’ve got nothing against sugar, so that doesn’t really make the bar any more appealing to me.


An aside: This bar looked really fake for some reason. It looked like a chocolate toy or one of those makeup pallets that’s designed to look like a bar of chocolate

The bar smells nice enough, there’s a fragrant chocolate smell, and almost a fruity undertone. Upon smelling the bar, I was actually more than a little excited to taste it. It had great smell to it and if that translated to how it tasted, this bar would definitely rack up some points in my book.

With artificial sweeteners, there’s often an artificial taste that comes along with them. That’s were this bar fails in my opinion. The chocolate flavor is very flat and almost plastic like. For a bar that 70%, it’s not very bitter, though it does have a little of that dark chocolate taste. I think the issue here is that artificial sweeteners are stronger than sugar. There’s less sweetener in this bar than a regular bar, but it’s actually sweeter tasting, just because of how strong the sweeteners are.

On top of that, the chocolate bar has a grainy texture and is not very melty at all. It’s not a very appealing texture at all as far as I’m concerned. It just doesn’t have that lovely smoothness and slow melting texture that covers your mouth in rich chocolate tones.

After eating a few squares, I also started to feel pretty icky. My stomach definitely didn’t enjoy me eating this bar.


So if you’re really concerned about sugar, I suppose this bar might appeal as an alternative. Personally, I would go with a bar that uses sugar and just eat a smaller amount if I was that concerned about the sugar content. The bar still has carbs after all, so even though it’s more diabetic friendly, I think you’d be better off eating just a square or two of really good chocolate on occasion. This isn’t the bar that’s going to bring chocolate back into your sugar free life.

The lack of good chocolate flavor, weird artificial taste, and unappealing texture are all reason’s why I won’t be trying any more bars from this brand any time soon. It’s an interesting idea, but I’ll happily stick with my full sugar, full flavor chocolate bars in the future.




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