Scharffen Berger Extra Dark

Scharffen Berger

Extra Dark


Chocolate, Sugar, Whole Vanilla Beans, Non-GMO Lechithin



Not my photo. I’m not sure what happened to my photo, but it wasn’t there when I went to upload it….



From what I understand, and I could be totally wrong, Scharffen Berger is one of the more recommended brands of chocolates that I’ve heard of what it comes to higher quality chocolate. More specifically in regards to baking, because that’s what I use the majority of the chocolate I buy for, but my assumption is that the bars, made of the same or similar chocolate are also thought well of.


This one IS my photo, which makes it even more weird that the first one didn’t get saved for some reason.


I don’t have much to say about the packaging. It’s simple and stands out. I can recognize it at a glance and their line of bars all look similar.

This is one of the darker chocolates that I’ve tested so far. And even if it’s not the highest cacao content, I think it’s the darkest tasting bar that I’ve  tried. This one is a bit high for me. It’s like drinking a cup of black coffee when I’m used to having cream and sugar. I think that’s where this bar shines though.


Whoops I broke this bar on the way home. I don’t think any of the bars that I brought home on this trip made it home intact. I don’t know what happened.


It’s a really good cup of coffee that doesn’t need cream and sugar to make it palatable. It’s definitely more on the bitter end of the spectrum and there is more of a hint of sweetness to temper the chocolate. It’s a good bar for just letting melt in your mouth and enjoy the flavors, bitterness and all. It’s slow melting as well, so you really have a nice amount of time to taste the flavors grown in strength and change as the bar melts. A little bit of this bar goes a long way too. I’ve only broken off tiny fingernail size bits of chocolate to taste, and it’s been more than enough because of how flavorful and deep this chocolate is. I don’t think eating a huge piece wouldn’t be very enjoyable. It would just be too overwhelming.



I like the cute little mountain goat logo. Little dude’s got some crazy horns on him.



Texturewise, it is a little on the dryer side, and I prefer a somewhat smoother texture that this bar offered. It’s not grainey, but it leaves the mouth feeling dry, like I had a sip of red wine, or cranberry juice. Folks that really enjoy that feeling are going to really like this bar of chocolate.

I did enjoy this bar. It probably won’t be something that I’ll pick up often, because I tend to like a slightly sweeter chocolate(like I prefer sweeter wines) but I can definitely see being in the mood for this bar on occasion.

This bar is vegan friendly, but not all of the bars from Scharffen Berger are. If you’re lactose intolerant, great! If you’re strictly vegan, this may or may not be the bar for you. There’s no warnings on the bar, but it’s something to be aware of!


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