Ritter Sport: Dark Chocolate withWhole Hazelnuts

Ritter Sport

Dark Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts

Sugar, chocolate liquor, hazelnuts, cocoa butter, butterfat, soy lecithin, natural flavor




So I’ve seen this brand before online but never in person. I was pretty surprised to see it at Walgreens, so I couldn’t help but pick it up(along with a couple of other bars).
As soon as I picked up the chocolate it started melting onto my fingers. It is suuuuper melty. It reminds me of a Hershey bar or something like that. There was some bloom on the bottom of the bard. It could have been from the car ride home, because it was warm, but none of the other bars I got in that trip had any bloom so I think it was just a problem with this bar.


Breaking the bar, there was no snap, it kind of just broke apart, a little “cunk” mostly from the hazelnuts I think. So yeah, it’s a super soft bar. It’s not the darkest chocolate, so I don’t think there’s enough cocoa butter in it to give it that really nice “snap” that a higher percentage bar would have.


Flavorwise, it’s suuuper hazelnutty. Just bam Hazelnut in the mouth. If you like Hazelnut flavor, there’s a good chance that you’re going to like this bar, just based on that factor alone. You can see in the above picture all of the whole hazelnuts in the bar. It’s definitely not short on the hazelnut factor.


The chocolate flavor is not very pronounced. It’s very sweet and doesn’t really have any of that nice bitter flavor that good dark chocolate has. It’s a cheap chocolate bar as far as I’m concerned. Good hazelnut flavor but, that’s the main thing that it’s got going for it .


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