A Chocolaty Year in Review: 2016

2016 was a pretty big year for me and chocolate. For one thing, I started this blog and reviewed 13 bars since September when I made my first post about Endorfin Food’s Turkish Coffee bar.  I ate many more bars than that, considering not every bar lasted long enough between purchasing and getting it home to actually review, and some bars I liked so much I went and purchased them again like Tony’s Chocolonely Pecan Coconut bar.


Artisana Organics Venezuelan 75%

Not every bar that I tried I liked, such as experiencing raw chocolate for the first time with Santosha Chocolate or the overwhelming lavenderness of Dagoba’s Lavender Blueberry bar. But there were many more than I really enjoyed. Cocoa Parlor’s Simple Pleasure bar, Endorfin Foods’ Turkish Coffee bar, and Scharffen Berger’s Extra Dark bar to name a few. I am so excited to try more bars in the upcoming year, and try new more exciting bars, as well as more bars from lesser known makers and/or upcoming makers. Chocolate isn’t one size fits all, and I’m excited to find more chocolate that I really enjoy, and even more chocolate that I don’t particularly enjoy. The experience of tasting chocolate is a fun and exciting one and it wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable if every bar was exactly the same. If I was looking for that, I’d go get a Hershey bar because I know exactly what to expect!


Signature Select Dark Chocolate

In addition, I also started working at a chocolate factory this year which has completely changed my relationship with chocolate forever. I am learning so much about chocolate and the entire chocolate making process from start to finish. The past couple of weeks I’ve been pushing around the idea of sharing some of that knowledge and I’m looking forward to posting information, not just about specific bars, but about chocolate and especially craft chocolate, in general. Craft chocolate is a huge growing industry and I’m excited to be part of it in my own small ways.


Theo Nutcracker Brittle

This blog started as a way for me to rationalize my desire to eat a crazy number of different chocolate bars and has turned into something else entirely. My life revolves more around chocolate now than I ever thought was possible. I’ve always liked chocolate, from dark to Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bars(which is, I know, technically not chocolate), but now I really have developed an understanding and appreciation for the food which I didn’t have previously. I hope that when you’re reading my posts, you’re taking some of those things I write about into your own chocolate adventures and develop your own personal understanding for the amazing food of chocolate.




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