Amedei Toscano Black 70%

Amedei Tuscany

Toscano Black Cioccolato Fondente Extra 70%

70% Cacao

Cocoa Mass, Cane sugar, Cocoa Butter, Vanilla


This is the first Italian Chocolate bar that I’ve had the experience of either eating or reviewing so that’s really exciting! It’s also my first review of 2017!

The packaging is very sophisticated looking, with a black textured envelope with gold embossing. It’s a 70% bar and that’s labeled very clearly on the packaging. There’s a little more information on what exactly the “Toscano Black” bar is on the inside of the packaging.

I like the kind of fancy leather wallet envelope that the bar comes into. It makes me feel like I’ve got a designer handbag and not just a chocolate bar!

From the inside of the envelope -“The “Tuscan Blacks” are three blends of different types of cocoa beans.” There is also a 66% and a 63% bar in this series. Amedei offers a variety of other bars as well besides these ones too.

I liked the outside packaging for it’s simplicity. The inside not so much, because the chocolate wrapper doesn’t match the same level of showmanship that the envelope does and  The inside of the envelope reads like an advertisement, which isn’t awful, but not the best in my opinion. It does give you a run down of a large selection of most of the other bars that they have to offer, and they definitely use every available surface of the inside, so points for that.

I think the chocolate itself completely makes up for anything the packaging lacks though.

The first smell of the chocolate is spicy. There’s a definite hint of pepper along with a subtle amount of other savory spices that are hard to pin down, a bit like opening up a spice cabinet, catching a whiff of something before you can really determine what spice you smelled. It’s lovely.

The spice carries over to tasting as well, and the first flavors I get, almost even before an actual “chocolate” flavor is that of the spice. It’s very peppery, but smoothly so. The chocolate flavor is kind of a rich browned or slightly caramelized taste that starts to mix in after the initial pepper and spice. It’s like if a filet mignon was turned into a chocolate bar in the best way possible.

The texture of the bar is really very nice, melting smoothly and evenly. It didn’t stick to my mouth too much but left a nice lingering chocolate flavor. It’s overall a fantastic bar.

One of the fun things about tasting chocolate for me is that I usually do my research on a company AFTER I do my first taste test of the bar. I don’t want my tasting to be influenced by any expectations of what other people have said about the chocolate, or even in some cases, how the chocolate has been processed.

I was delighted to learn that Amedei is one of the worlds best chocolate makers and also produces their chocolates bean to bar. I found this simple and informative article about how Amedei makes their chocolates and I thinks it’s a very good read.

If you have the chance to try the Toscano Black 70% I would definitely recommend it’s. It’s a fantastic bar of chocolate and I look forward to trying other bars from Amedei in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about Amedei, you can find their website at here.


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